The Slacker-Media Family of Sites is your premier online destination for all things viral, sexy, and funny. We take submissions from our users and turn your content into awesome daily galleries. In addition, we scour the web for the best it has to offer in sexy and funny content. Stop by daily to see whats happening on the web today. LastLaughGroup is your own little online bachelor pad. is an upcoming pet product and services directory site. Find all the information and user reviews that will allow you to make the best decisions for your pet. Find vets, as well as other pet services and pet goods to make your pet happy. Petellect- Smart Choices, Healthy Pets. allows you to find the brews and bourbons that are available in your local pub or restaurant right now. Pub owners and restaurants provide you with real time updates about whats on tap and as well as any specials you can expect if you drop in today. BeerCatcher lets you know whats on tap!

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We scour the web to find the best of the best viral and obscure content that the web has to offer and serve it up to you daily!

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Let us become your online bachelor pad that allows you to escape from the daily grind and refresh yourself!

Find and review pet services in your area! We offer the most complete pet services directory on the web.

Smart Choices Healthy Pets

Need to find a reputable pet sitter in your area? Petellect is here to help! Find, contact, and review pet services in your area.

Wondering which local pub is serving the latest trends in craft brews? BeerCatcher gives you the answer!

Find Out What's on Tap!

If your bar is not a part of the BeerCatcher network give us a look today too see if our services can help you drive sales!

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Built from the ground up with usability in mind. We kept it simple and intuitive so you can get the best we have to offer without all the bloat and useless permissions.

  • Low Memory Requirements Keep Load Times Short
  • Ability to Upload Your Photos and Get In On The Action.
  • Download All of Your Favorite Photos and GIF’s to Share.
  • Very limited permission requirements.
  • Colorful, Light and Dark theme for optimal viewing at day or night.
  • Optional, real time notifications of when new post are available.
  • Submit your own funny or awesome photos to to be a part of the action.
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Portfolio of Sites We Have Developed is another responsive design web site for a local business who needed a upgrade from the standard cookie cutter site they had previously. We made certain that all of the relevant contact info was prominent on the page while also utilizing some fancy parallax effects. Logo creation was a part of this package as well. was developed for the Historian, author and PhD graduate, Dr. Warren Dockter. His site connects him with fellow academics and potential customers who want to connect with the author. Slacker-Media provided site design as well as logo services to help Dr. Dockter solidify his ‘brand identity.’

In addition to web design, we offer logo creation and custom print services.

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Everyone loves looking at eye candy, check out ours.

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